What can you create/fix using rope?

Hi! I would like to invite you for a little brainstorm. The task says: What processes, activities can you simplify or create with the use of rope? One of the paths would be to take already existing products and making them more functional with the use of rope
Examples: “hot shoe camera handle,” cable organizer, transporting large sheets of cardboard, additional handle for IKEA watering can, transporting several wines at once. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks!

Sketches of some of the ideas

Sounds a lot like…a school project? :wink:

Also think about climbing ropes and the pully system climbers use. And various knot configurations.

Yep, the eastiest and hardest project I got…
I will, thanks!

Shouldn’t you be brainstorming more than 4 or 5 ideas before asking for help?

How about soaking the rope in resin so that it becomes structural once set, that would open up heaps of possibilities.

Check out Marcel Wanders knotted chair.
You can go further and create a standing rope ladder just using reinforced rope.
You can silicone dip it. Make it into a pendant light fixture.
Infuse it with carbon holding silicone to make a giant stretch/bend sensor network for a smart trampoline.
Decorative phone cover linings. Capybara rope pulling contests.

You ever heard of lashing?

Rope-bot; he will have looped ropes as arms, that would be fun.

Keep us in the loop on your progress!

Loop… get it?

Rope… Loop :laughing:

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Create a cute rope sign for that wedding shower or graduation party you’re planning. You can spell out any name or message.

I don’t have a good application for you, but I’ve always been fascinated by the monkey fist: Monkey's fist - Wikipedia

I think a lot of traditional rope-craft could be an interesting inspiration for decoration… Thinking of the coin knot as well as stuff like shibari. Maybe cool applied to footwear in the vein of nike’s flywire.