What can I expect at my first year of University?

In September I’m studying Design For Industry at Northumbria university. I was just wondering if anyone who has completed the degree or one similar could tell me what to expect?

Also any suggestion on how to prepare myself, I’ve got a lot of free time this summer so any suggestions on what software packages to practice with etc.?

Would also be good to hear what your first year in your degree was like.

practice sketching if you can…along with staying up to late, living on cereal, shouting at computers when they let you down, not needing daylight, making new pals, drinking to much, geting lost around hte campus, not understanding it, asking lots and lots of questions, blowing your student loan in a week, reading lots of design mags, taking lots of pictures, lossing your pencil, realising you should have bought less markers and more ink, becoming intorent to spraymount, loosing your house deposit due to spraymount marks on the floor, understanding big machines can mame you, bargining with technitions, doing 2 all nighters in a row.

in the end just enjoy it!

ooh, would recomend come to London for the design week…lots of events going on in september

Finally I bought that ‘Designers are Wankers’ book, great read bit short and is does go off on one a bit bit certainly worth reading…thanks for the tip…and good luck at Nothumbria, tiz a good uni to get in to.

the milwaukee institute of art and design starts all students with a “foundations” year. Modeled after the Bauhaus. I learned fine arts and design basics (which were invaluable).

Practice Skethcing. Its hard to get urself to do right away but just do it.

Become informed. Design involves so much knowledge and research about how things are constructed. I subscribe to ID magazines(walpaper, ID) If ur fliping through channels dont be afraid to stop on HGTV or “this old house” for a while. ull be surprised what you learn.

Also… make friends with upperclasspeople in ur program. They will be invaluable in ur success

could be good idea to take some stuff apart and understand how it all went together.