What Can I Do?


I am currently in my final year of my BSc Product Design course, before starting I was interested in working for a design consultancy sketching away, however as the course has gone I am starting to become a bit more interested in graphics and package design, not just the graphic labels, but the physical shape of the box container for instance.

A concern and worry I have is that I shall be leaving Uni with a degree, but won’t have any work experience in the design field at all, which leaves me at a huge disadvantage to start off with, my main question though is where can my degree take me now, is package design more related to a graphics degree? What design fields can my degree take me into?

I hope you can give me some advice and an insight into where I can go from here, although I’m thinking that doing some freelance maybe a starting point.



if you are interested in structural package design you might want to try getting into the POP business. you’ll get experience both on the graphic and structural side then.


There is hope out there for you. I have a BFA in ID and I am a Packaging designer. I do a bit of graphics, structural and 3D. I kind of just fell into the industry by taking my first job which was in the POP industry. I now work for a major food company and do conceptual packaging. Its a great industry and if you do your research a lot of ID firms also do packaging. NiCE had a job up recently for a Package Designer with ID experance.

Thanks for your responses, I’m glad to hear the POP is a possibility.

Have to say I am concerned that I have no experience in the design world which makes my CV look rather blank. :frowning: So the next best thing to having a full time job is to do some freelance work to give me something to put on my CV, and boost my portfolio.

Any thoughts?

Any extra work will look good. check out http://www.guru.com. they post a lot of graphics/packing freelance projects.

Thanks, I have registered, not sure how much use it will be that I’m based in the UK though.

Looking at some of the adverts on there, there doesn’t seem to be much or any information on the job they are advertising, it seems to just be a title, ‘Company Logo’ or Company Advert’ or ‘16 Page Brochure’ etc.

Am I missing something?

you can get in touch with the company posting for projects to get more info… most of the time there is some contact info…

Ahh Ok thanks. Shall have to see how it goes.