What can electrical waste turn into?

hi there guys!

im a product design student which im doing a brief on E-waste recycling or reducing.
im actually really struggling to generate ideas which i can look in furthur.

so heres the question what kind of E-waste is impacting on our environment and what kind of product can it be transform to?

i want to be recycling, reducing, reusing or upcycling of E-wastes to prevent or stop of the impacts of the environmental issues.
would you guys have any ideas what i could be doing for this project?


Determine the resources that can be extracted by recycling.

Determine the magnitude of the waste and the corresponding magnitude to “solve” the problem. (I am tired of key chains made from circuit boards, it has no impact whatsoever)

Along those lines, determine the amount of resources needed to exact the “recycled resources” and discover if there is a gain or loss.

Determine a new method to extract the resources.

Convince an economy based on consumption to stop consuming.