What came in the post today?

Similar to the NEW KICKS::latest purchase thread, but open to any product to be shared in a design forum. And these days, most of my purchases are online, hence the post reference. What goodies have you gotten lately?

Hipster doofus cycling cap

Sofa sleeper for the office at home, full size - those are harder to find

Suunto D6i dive/freedive wrist-top computer (don’t call it a watch). Made in Finland! Weighs a metric ton.

Multi-tool/key ring/bottle opener by forum member sultan,

Very nice. Now I have an appropriate anchor for my lock key. The key normally fell out of my pocket and into the sofa. Not any more.

The edges are not noticeable at all when in my pocket. But when I take it out of my pocket the edges are apparent on the hand.

@iab where did you get that?? I want one!

Read about it here, Bike tool/bottle opener Kickstarter- Bring on the critique!

And here, Ringtool - The World's Most Compact Multi-tool by Reductivist — Kickstarter

Just got this gem (audio-technica AT-LP60). I was looking for a turntable that was simple enough to use w/o a receiver. This comes with an AUX jack that easily plugs into my Bose Desktop speakers and subwoofer. Highly recommended for a less costly turntable solution.

Just got these installed last week. Nice clean details, some nice layered visuals and subtle texture treatments in the doors. Nice refined, soft radii on all the edges. Don’t have room to make them look great in context, but I’m planning ahead. =)


We love waffles at our house. I don’t know how many waffle irons we’ve owned over the years but none of them seem to have lived longer than two or three years.

I solved that issue this week when I bought this vintage Wagner cast iron waffle maker. Set it on top of the grid to heat, lift and rotate 180 half way through and viola!! perfect waffles !! There was a bit of a learning curve to get it to hear uniformly, but wow! Once it’s up to temperature it cranks out the waffles.

I like it because it’s simple and just plain clever. And since it’s already older than I am I suspect it will be the last waffle iron we buy.

I like the precision of the patent date.

Got these the other day:

Not only are the earbuds themselves beautifully designed, but the accompanying packaging was a joy to unpack as well.

I’ve got one of these in my dorm room! It really is a great, inexpensive turntable for use with just speakers.

Just got a pair of these. Im hoping it fits into the CTS without any problems. Side note: I know these car seats are highly regulated, but there has got to be a way to make the install and function better. What a pain just trying to figure them out. Those straps come out of everywhere and no idea if they are the right ones for the seat orientation.

I’ve got one of these for my youngest. Works like a champ in any vehicle.

Picked up a new audio set up this black Friday.

HD650’s and This Schiit stack. Barely starting the burn in.

Modi - DAC
Vali - Tube Amp

The Schiit site is full of great copy

Ohhhh…I might have to get one of these…I’d like to try it on our induction stove top!

I received the Lunatik Seismik today. It is a little bulkier than expected when I hold it in my hand but hopefully will protect against those inevitable drops

I got these two products recently,

About the TMA 1-X I have no complains so far. Clean and balanced sound, light and comfortable.

I didn’t have much time to take a look to this, but during the few minutes I had to go through it, got a great impression. Exactly what I was looking for.

OOOOh the TMA-1 X, I was just checking those out. Less than half the $ of the originals but similar construction. Love to know about your longer term impressions, with various kinds of music.

Just received a pair of G3 Highballs (2012/13 season):

mounted with Rottefella NTN freedom:

Looking forward to test them as they include two firsts for me: first time I try a full rocker ski for telemark and first time I try NTN (new telemark norm) bindings. Now, where is that snow hiding out?

The Midwest, USA.

where it’s FLAT… . … . very, very, flat.