What blogs do you use to learn about design research/trends?

Sorry if this overlaps an earlier thread, but its a more specific request for input - what blogs (as opposed to sites) do you use to learn and design and designers, follow specifc products or industries,etc.

Of course any commentary with listings would be appreciated.

well, idfuel for one

Haven’t read much on their site though

Well… I’m more on the research side of things, but blogs I visit often this kinda thing:

great site lots of bits, which typically come from designer like minds

great site in pursuit of better understanding regarding users and the experience

like an innovative, didnt think of that gizmodo with real substance, excellent site

howard will set you straight if you ever wondered about where its all goin, another great site

a taste of lighting inspiration

go green, its always good to do

another excellent idea, whats happening right now right out there kinda blog, great ideas, excellent inspiration

Urban Chic Culture

Everything Electronics

Fashion Frenzy

About Design & Emotion research/ interviews etc.