What bag do you use/recommend?

Curious to hear what other designers are using as their everyday carry bags, and what someone might recommend?

Been carrying Timbuk2 bags for 10 years now, and while I do like them overall, I’ve got some nitpicks that annoy me and am looking to change things up. I find they favor right handed usage in their design (for some reason I wear a bag like a lefty), and find they get bulky too easily instead of compartmentalizing storage. Currently carrying 2012 Comand 2.0 (2012 version). Also thinking a backpack would give me more comfortable use during travel and at shows, though I tend to like a messenger for everyday.

Here’s my EDC, note no laptop or tablet. I’ll usually have a lunch in there too. My laptop is too large to tote on a regular basis, and the tablet only comes with me during travel.

Thinking of getting the Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L. Only concerns is that there’s no good way for document toting, and limited writing utensil and the like storage. Love the fact that it could take my DSLR when needed, and moves small item storage to the side rather than bulking up the front (an issue I commonly have with Timbuk2).


I’m a fan of My GoRuck Gr1.

It’s traveled with me all over the world and looks just as good as day 1. The (minimal) molle is super nice so I can add things as needed. I needed a tripod holder. So I used the side molle for a water bottle holder and sewed on a retaining strap and have that. There’s very basic internal storage inside. But also molle so if you need more you can just attach it.

Also when I feel like I need a new bag. I just swap out the patch and it refreshes the look enough for me. Enough to scratch that itch.

I have a Timbuk2 that I’ve used pretty much every day for the past 3+ years and it’s a bit dirty but hides it pretty well. No other real complaints with it - swallows up a ton of crap for when I have to travel.

I have a nice Cole Haan Wayland bag which I reserve for any time I want to be fancy (big meeting, interviews, etc) but I’m too paranoid about using it day to day.

WOW, looks like you could lose half of you gear, still be more than equipped and keep the bag you have. Nature abhors a vacuum.

Heh, for sure. I tend to be a bit over-prepared. I even called it such when I wrote about my EDC My EDC Bag

I really have nothing to add. I have been using a Chrome medium for commuting for a decade. There is a little rust at the buckle from my sweat, but it has held up really well. Pretty much the same as you Timbuk2.

I use a Chrome large for an over-night/weekend bag. That one doesn’t get sweaty and probably will last me for life. Both the medium and large fit my 15.6 Asus if need be. That is my only requirement. If that fits, pretty much every thing else does. Although I have gotten creative using the bag and the stretchy packing film to attach large items for my commute.