What Bag do you have?

Post your favorite/most-useful bag that you use regularly :slight_smile:

I use a Crumpler Cheesy Disco,

Its a messenger bag, holds up to 15" laptop, i have a 13" MacBook but the size is useful as it holds my Wacom Intuos Tablet (m) as well.
It has lots of pockets inside which is useful for cables, gadgets and other small things, When i have the laptop and tablet in it there is still space for a few books and folders which is useful.
Its very tough, its waterproof, not submersible but your stuff wont get wet in the rain :stuck_out_tongue:

So, what do you all use ? :smiley:

its the most durable one ive had yet, and it holds quite a lot of my schoolstuff. Only wish it’d take my Wacom too… but its to wide.

15" laptop compartment, one large main pocket, one thinner pocket and some pencils holders + a 10x20 cm pocket for passport and stuff.

Just wish i had removed the embroidering when i got it. Was afraid to mess it up though. Only 49.95 (euros)

I got this Jack Spade Bag a few months ago and I’ve been very happy with it (I have it in Navy which I think you can only get in the SOHO store for some reason). The pockets are very well designed and it is the perfect size.

OGIO takes organization seriously - and the Boss is its tribute to this passion. Dedicated pockets, complete with ID tags, are designed to hold everything from cords, discs, files, personal entertainment devices, sunglasses, airline tickets, and water bottles. It also offers a tough, padded sleeve to protect laptops up to 15" wide. Scoring high in the looks department, one eBags reviewer recently said, “it looks like a bag the Terminator might carry.” We’ll be back.


Padded laptop sleeve / GRIP squeeze release locking handle / Organizer panel and multiple pockets / Pullman handle attachment sleeve / Fleece lined drop in audio pocket / Dual water bottle pockets / Padded shoulder strap / Airline ticket sleeve / Fleece lined media holder / PDA pocket / Pen organizers / Key ring clip / Mouse pocket / Power cord storage / Internal file separators / Cell phone pocket / Fits most 17" laptops / Laptop sleeve 13"h x 16"w x 2"d / Sunglasses pocket

I’m currently using these two:

nomad maji (mine’s black)

be.ez vertigo

The nomad I bought while living in the Netherlands because I needed something to keep my laptop and papers dry while riding a bike in what can only be describes as a wet climate :wink: It’s a rolltop and 100% waterproof. It also holds quite a lot.

The be.ez has some good pockets for organising your stuff and has some nice details like a system for attaching the cord on your earbuds to the shoulder strap. It doesn’t carry that much which, in way, is a good thing as it stops me from overloading it (carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder isn’t too good for you as I’m often reminded when using the nomad).

Wow some nice bags here !

corporalnc_23 that bag looks awesome, im going to check the website now ! (no too sure about that shoulder thing though)

Keep posting !

I’ve had a Chrome Metropolis for 6 years, before they were coveted by hipsters. Thankfully, they’ve now moved on to locally sourced one-off bags, so mine is back being seen less and less in Minneapolis. You wait long enough, and you’re back being unique.

The shoulder strap was introduced as a Golf Bag innovation at the 07’ PGA Golf show, and they called it the Shling Carrying System…It definitely takes some time to get use to!! And a lot of people will look your way and ask if they can try it on…
I suppose it is kinda of funny walking around with a harness…lol

But I really like it!! I suppose I’m a little different…

The Shling directs the weight of your bag more appropriately onto your shkeletal shtructure, so it feels lighter. And the Shling has sushpended shtraps, which cushion against shocks.
Some Negative Comments about the Shling:

The strap is designed to distribute the bag’s weight evenly and let you stand upright easily. But I found myself tilting forward anyway. And it wasn’t comfortable on my shoulders, though I tried adjusting the strap to fit my 5′1″ frame. I felt like a yoked ox.


I was painfully conscious of how ridiculous I looked in this harness. I felt the same sort of fashion shame I imagine you’d suffer if you had to wear a posture brace in high school.

Yea, it looks fun to try on, i’d have to use it to see if it would be comfortable or not. As a techie person i think it looks awesome but im sure some people would find it weird.

I checked out ogio’s website, its pretty slow :stuck_out_tongue: The bags are awesome though, im a bit tired of my messenger bag now and i want to revert to a backpack for a while. Trouble is they look quite large… im going to go to some shops and try to find one to try on. Dont know if ogio are in the uk or not :s

But many thanks for showing me them, if i cant buy one i will get something like it. I love the organization ! XD

I’m REALLY liking that be.ez vertigo. I’ll grab that sometime soon!

Also interesting is these cocoon products.


They use overlapping elastic straps to hold you items/gadgets and keep them organized. You can buy the system incorporated into bags, laptop cases or even just A4 squares to put in ring-binders or add to your own bag.

What do you think ? Pretty cool eh ?

very cool. I wonder if it adds weight?

I dont think it looks very heavy, plus if you used it in a bag with no pockets or little organization inside you would save on a lot of weight on fabric and zips.

I like it, but it seems like it needs something to cover the things strapped into it… would scratch the laptop it’s pressed against. Even a cable tip could put a good scratch if its tightly packed in a bag

That shoulder brace harness it looks so much sleeker in that rendering than the pictures! Interesting though…

On the 2nd picture of the laptop case you can see it has 3 sections, (laptop-organizer-foamflap) i think the flap goes in-between the organizer and the laptop to prevent the scratching as you said

It’s a pretty genius little set up, I’ll have to check one out!

I am as far from a hipster there can be so if I have a Citizen, they must not be cool. It has held up to the commute very well and was one of the best trades I have done (some fool hipster got a gaspipe frame for it). Mine is green on top, black on the bottom, but this was an easy Google pic.

Are those bags just one big pocket or do they have some kind of organization inside ?
I like my organization XD

smart_works - Chrome bags have two main compartments, one big (it holds my 15.4 laptop) and one for large, flat envelopes. There is also small storage - for pens, keys, wallet, change, etc. More pics here, http://www.chromebagsstore.com/

The borealis from northface, guess I’m the only person still using backpacks? I have tried the one strap, shoulder bag idea, always has bothered me, balance wise.