What Audi is doing right, the others wrong

Here’s an interesting video from Adage.com with the CFO of Audi USA on their approach over the last year or two in terms of marketing. They have an interesting approach, and it seems to be working well for them. But, I think that because they’re an import, people expect that they’ll do something against the common USA grain. Can you see Toby Keith selling an Audi Q7? Probably not. But, I think their marketing as of late has been very good and their design language has been very consistent with it. Or vice versa.


If you haven’t watched the Audi 24 Hours film, its on iTunes for free. Really well done, too as you’d expect from NFL films.

Thanks for the link, was definitely a fun watch. Part of me thinks the recent success is just because their cars have been getting sexier each year, its the design team’s fault sales are up (and it doesnt help that bmw’s putting out some funky stuff) :laughing: