What are your other creative outlets?

That’s awesome!

Thank you. Thank you for completely scuttling my afternoon. My God, those Ducatis.

Oh, man. Super cool photos. I love those old Italian bikes. Below is the freebie. Whenever my buddy and I rode together back in the late '80’s, I was always envious of this bike. New saddle, tape, tires, cages, and tune is all I did.

Going to the movies. I love trying to dissect all of the decisions that were made and how they successfully or unsuccessfully affect the outcome. Like books, movies represent and interesting overlap of both the purposefulness of pure design and the expression of pure art. They can be incredibly personal and expressive, meticulously crafted to achieve a specific goal, or somewhere in between.

Other than that I dabble in freelance graphic and brand design, which is always a nice mixup from ID. I’ve also started converting a cargo van into a camper/adventuremobile, and I’m loving all of the hands on problem solving involved.


And you are a very tall person. :slight_smile: Since you are in the midwest, I am throwing a shindig for Coppi’s 100th birthday next year in SW WI. Vintage bike show, ride, food, bullshitting, etc. Let me know if you are interested.

Very cool! Thanks. I’ll pm my info to you so we can keep in touch. And yes, you can tell my ht. from the frame+post, I reckon. 6’4"-ish.

I do home renovations (my own), build decks (my own), work on BMWs (my own), work on projects with my kids (my son just finished a pontoon to float on a nearby lake and before that he created a solar powered backpack with an articulating fan and night light that he took to a 2 week camp!).

you made a solar power backpack with your son? That is awesome. Scott, 'm imagining you Turing into this dad :slight_smile:

I’ll show him that scooter - he has a powered Razor scooter he takes to the bus-stop (and locks it up against a tree!) but he’ll love this even more.

Last week he came to me and said, "I made a deal with the car wash up the street, they have 6 55 gallon barrels for me, can we go get them? 2 days later he’d cranked out a pontoon boat with side supports and a 4’ x 6’ platform - he a few friends have been floating it out onto the lake and fishing. For power, he’s using an 18V drill attached to a fiberglass shaft and a table fan blade!

His backpack was a hit at camp. He’s inventive for sure!

You might have the next James Dyson on your hands there!