What are your ideas about CCA's ID or IxD program? CCA Alumn

I’m wanting to major in ID or IxD at CCA but, I don’t know which major I would prefer. I’m aiming at becoming an Industrial Designer; however, IxD seems really intriguing and it seems that I will have broader internship opportunities. Also it seems more “natural” so I think I will go that route.
Also are there any pros and cons about attending CCA? What is the housing like (I’ll be living on campus)? How’s is the food? Are there many IxD internships available at CCA? What are the best/worst part about freshman year? Are their any “workstudy” options available or is off-campus work the only option? I’ve tried looking most of these questions up yet, there are only so many reviews online. So, I would like to hear from you guys.
Also I’m wanting to start on my portfolio. Do you guys have any pro tips about making a great admissions portfolio targeted to the ID or IxD majors. Are scanned sketchbook sketches and Photoshop files (ie PNG & JPEG) acceptable? Thank you guys in advanced. :smiley: