What are your goals ?

PICK one choice…

what are your goals in the design field in the next 10 years?

1 freelance designer for life

2 Full time designer

3 become a senior designer for life

4 start my own design firm

5 Become a CEO

6 design Icon/ superstar

7 other please explain

I am Number 2

Would like to be (1) or (4)

Probably just about everyone does, but it’s tough (gross understatement.)

#2 while transforming into #3

Ditto 6ix’s sentiments on #4.

7 - I currently have a fulltime gig as a Design Manager for a manufacturing co. I handle all of the day to day ID work, work with a good competent team of marketers and engineers. Honestly, the job isn’t that demanding, everyone respects my work, and no one micromanages me. I’ve done freelance, consultancies, and other corporate gigs. I’d like to explore the freelance route again, but on my terms, and keeping my current job.The fulltime corporate job gives me the stability I like, insurance, a nice paycheck, 401k, bonus, vacation time, etc… I probably can spare 15 to 20 hrs a week to go after jobs that I want to work on that I wouldn’t have if I was hustling for work all the time i.e. working with inventors, furniture/architectural firms, my own projects.

No. 8: Do something meaningful.


Start a a company manufacturing your products. Designing to make myself money, not someone else. Hopefully make a meaningfull impact on the world.

i’m in between 1 and 2 at the moment hopefully will become 3 or hopefully 7: product manager

Currently 1, 4 may be nice but to get to other repliers #8. That would be the best.

Repped. This sounds perfect.

wow you are in a great situation… for the negative things hear about design job in the past 4 years …that it is a dead end job …ect…you make it sound like there is hope…wow …r u for real…?


i want to try working as a full-time designer in another country. i think that would be really interesting.

wow you are in a great situation… for the negative things hear about design job in the past 4 years …that it is a dead end job …ect…you make it sound like there is hope…wow …r u for real…?


This is getting a little off topic…but these jobs do exist. The’re not for everyone, obviously. My ID buddies in NYC, Boston, and SF think I have sold out or became soft, and it may be true. The best time I had as a designer, and most productive, were the 5 years after graduation scraping by, hustling for clients, and working at night and on the weekends. 10 years out of school, my personal goals have changed, which altered my professional goals. I think their alignment has made me happier, and I’m starting to enjoy ID again. The profession has definitely changed in the last 10 years…that’s another topic.

I’m currently #2 but will probably move to #7 soon.

I’m beginning to think about getting out of the design bizz. To much buddy buddy for me, sucking up to get promotions and too many gender issues to face. It was a nice dream but I realize sometimes you have to abandon your ideas to pursue a more parcticle lifestyle that will keep you off the streets.

It was truly fun while it lasted. Best memories of my life. I’m heading back to school in another field where you don’t have to be the best friend of someone in power to get the gig. Best of luck to all.

Farewell Design!!!

hey guest.

what is your new career path and why ?

New path: medicine

Why: It’s a sure thing and hard work will be rewarded with the idea of helping someone else imporve their health.

I know this one guy who was an awesome auto designer. He decided one day that he wanted to become a dentist. Now he’s doing great and enjoys helping people too. Seems like in school the idea of becoming a designer is so “glamified” (if that’s a word) that one gets stuck thinking design is the end all be all. Well, once you get that awesome gig, get respected, and are talented the next question is: Well what’s next???

Every profession is going to be buddy buddy in some way. You are what you desire not what desires you- if your good you will get any promotion you want.

-I would like to create a company around a family of products- an focus on a specific market.- Fighting in a market seems a little easier than fighting to find clients.

-Rusty Allen
Design Catapult

WHAT??..medicine…ever hear of medical products… doen’t design make doctors job better … you must think that a doctor are saving people lives with there bare hand…like magic …what ever!!! just say you love medicine… but don’t knock on design …you can’t do anything without it…even has a doctor …soon they will be replace by robots…trust me i’m working on it…LOL…

simply said number 4