What are you working on today?

I find if I externalize (within NDA worlds, of course) what I’m doing, I can do it better. Kind of like prepping to present - you get the storyline down and in doing so make the work better. Externalizing it also helps me appreciate the work more and use time better (“oh - THAT’s got to be done today? - better ramp it up!!”)

This morning I’m doing needs-finding (observational) research in the hair care world; visiting a salon - cut 'n style!!
This afternoon my junior ID studio (I’m teaching it) is running through a dress rehearsal for final presentations of our lighting project.

Going to the hospital. Interviewing a couple of caregivers about the prototypes they are “pre”-using (a launch before the launch). I will also field test about 70 of the devices while I am there. This testing is so they can be released for use in a hospital. We are starting a trial next week. Its Monday and it looks like I will not have to do any late-nighters before the trial <knocks on wood>.

Lot’s today: an automatic coffee/tea machine design, a biometric camera update, project proposals, and some planning for an upcoming academic workshop down in St. Etienne in two weeks. Skipping French class today - Monday’s the worst night anyway

That last one should be cool - Milan Polytechnico ID students, Brunel Strategy students, and EMSE French engineers all meeting to develop design concepts collaboratively just outside of Lyon (I’m one of the moderaters)

Kool, just so you know this is consider the BEST coffee brewer out there available for purchase and its by Bunn!

That an interesting one, and I sure haven’t heard the name Bunn in a while… thanks

Midway through building the CAD surfaces from a digitized clay model for a helmet and engineering thickness according to testing standards.
Directing my SolidWorks guy on the engineering specification for two larger welded racks and an injection molded consumer rack.
Working on a personal iPad app that puts all my Rhino icons and shortcuts onto the iPad and communicate with the PC running program to keep the main screen clear.

Trying to connect to a sql database so I can sift through some recent perfomance data.

sql sucks.

F-ing Awesome.

Working on some sketches for a M136/ AT4 stowage system

Directing my SolidWorks guy on the engineering specification for two larger welded racks and an injection molded consumer rack.

A motorcycle helmet rack, by any chance… ?

Professionally: finishing the 2011 product line and packaging. Personally: working on my blog and portfolio. There will also be some bike ridding and running in there.

Professionally: Project for Herman Miller
Personally: Who cares?

the future of the mobile

Going to a hand-holding meeting with the hospital CEO about the study starting Monday. Gotta wear a tie. Suck.

A Health System identity and wayfinding plan. 22 Campuses of disarray.

Can you find a way to bring back the Star-Tac? Man those were cool…

I was at the coffee-company factory yesterday… those guys are total caffeine addicts. I was offered coffee about 20 times yesterday from their various products and test set-ups. :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Is this the Jonny Ive thread again :wink:


Tomorrow’s fuel island / forecourt experience.

Reviewing portfolios and resumes (we’re hiring!), working out on a new engineering prototype, and hopefully doing some sketching.