What are you wearing today? (Shoes)

Mavic Chasm mountain bike/cyclocross shoes. Hard on the eyes when seen out of context.

Dude! Just plain hard on the eye period

much brighter in person !

Talk about hard on the eye…

My old Clarkes are more kicked than kicks.

yeah, ultra limited. hand numbered on the inside quarter, mine are #13 of 1000. needless to say i got a nice deal :sunglasses:
nothing like leather that is almost $40/sq ft. :open_mouth:

you get bonus points for having the actual thread your posting to in the background!

and dang i guess i did jumpstart the thread, nice. :slight_smile:

Roger that. They are quite good for their intended purpose, and I got them for a screaming deal, but the hairy legs and dork socks are far from refined. Its hard to find bike shoes that look good in the way that a lot of sneakers look good, while still performing well.

These Specialized road shoes have more than a little Air Zoom Miler in them, hey Yo?

Slippy, a bit zoom miler + Nike Mercurial Vapor ala a few years back, but those are hot!

Technically wore these yesterday and the day before…

A little bit of redemption after the mtb shoes earlier:

Is that the hyperfuse, or the Trainer 1.2 Hyperfuse?

Inside the tongue it reads:


What does it all mean?

whoa bringing back the light denim. and tucking in one pant leg. is that a gang thing? :laughing:

on a serious note nice boots. you work on those?

yea man, light grey denim gonna be in full force this spring! :smiley:

these were one of the first groups i designed the tooling and uppers on.

Yo - I need a coupla new pairs of these! Wish they weren’t so haggard but I’ve worn the p*ss outta them. Coolest shoe I’ve had since the old gray and pink Lava Domes.

Ha, thanks man! I wish they would retro them! I have a pair in the same colorway boxed up in my closest. Only wear them seldom lay to keep them fresh. I had a black pair with a grey bottom and orang swoosh that I totally wore out. Wish I saved a pair of them. That Nike Zoom Street Miler was my first production shoe. The upper was adapted from a sprint spike designed by Scott Portzline. I tweaked it and designed a street outsole for it, based on an indoor football boot last so I could get the full length zoom air bag in there.

keeping the thread going…
these are my ‘go to’ causal shoes, surprised i hadn’t posted them up here before. Im loving how the leather is wearing over time (they are about 2 years old).


Rocking these today and avoiding puddles of melted snow