What are you wearing today? (Shoes)

Lets see those kicks of the day!

Swedish sneaker brand that have some ok styles for pretty low prices. Wanted to try their stuff (their office is in my new hometown), and I like mid cut dock sides, so when they were on clearance I couldn’t resist. A bit too narrow on the forefoot for my duckfeet though.

Some boots from our intl line. same sole compound as nike free, very comfortable.
Finish on the leather has worn off pretty badly as you can see, tannery swears they never had an issue with it though. :unamused:

custom lawn greens

footscapes =)

Footscape with the original tooling (not the vis air one that came latter)… good look!

SMU colorway of our classic bridgeport pattern…

'04 retros with the BEST. BAG. EVER.

I see im gonna have some company in this post :sunglasses:
Is that the only bag like that they make? i remember seeing a bag like that before but cant remember if it was that jordan outsole or something else.

my submission for the day:

dziner82: i think they made one inspired by the 13 as well, but it the design cues were more subtle, whereas this one definitely suffers from an identity crisis. i also have the fire red one but i find the white leather too clean for everyday casual use. Props to YO, i believe the bag was his brainchild.

as of late, i’ve been really into Toms…i think the simplicity of the shoe just makes it a no-brainer.

Hey StyleR, glad you like the bag…


New pair of Merrill Moabs to get me through the winter…

and now, for my next number, I’d like to return to the classics

Those are sick like the flu, lovin it!

rick man, this is about shoes not flashy carpets! :open_mouth:

Got a pair of the Native Shoes Fitzsimmons boots…

keeping the thread alive!
wolverine 1883 boots… love them.

trying to jumpstart this thread!

wolverine 1000 mile 721 LTD… shell cordovan!

My skate shoes.

those boots are awesome. only 1000 made?!

One of my favorite pair.