What are you listening to today?

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As despair sets in here:

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The Pocket of Sunshine - Natasha

I’ve always found these guys to be super inspiring in their dedication to chaos yet somehow still being able to make hits whenever they wanted to. I’m glad their story is getting to a wider audience. I love these “Trash Theory” video essays on British groups.

When I saw Ricardo Da Force punch the tones on a cell phone in the 3am music video I was hooked.

I love that you can find their super long form trance stuff online now… Spotify and Apple Music both have a few of these ~40 minute tracks:

Heard this on KEXP the other evening. Debby Friday, Nigerian-Canadian “dark pop futurism”.


cranking through some technical documentation revisions this morning to some Crystal Method:

Yesterday’s playlist built for an insane half marathon course with 150m elevation, all uphill second half, 5 out and back side loops, 4 hairpin turns…

Needed to dig deep to dig deep


early 2000s Hip Hop classics
50 Cent
Flo Rida
Ja Rule
2 Pac

(with a few more recent tracks mixed in)

Was that the order of the mix as well? Or did you (shudder) hit shuffle?

For the RAMROD ride I didn’t put headphones in until mile 95 or so, and so had the playlist set up for max ergogenic effect on the five mile climb.

It was random shuffle.

A. Don’t feel like paying more over and above Amazon prime to make a playlist

B. Too hard to plan a list to fit a race when there’s so many other factors. Pacing. Elevation. Fuel. Hydration. Weather. Never know what I’m going to need when so keeping it random (within a somewhat curated list with skips) keeps it interesting and keeps my mind off the pain when needed.

I know some people spend hours making a timed list. I barely have enough time to fit in my
Runs, strength, stretching, chiro, physio and nutrition for training!

Yeah and getting a surprise even from a known set is still a good vibe.
Like, one of the local radio stations - corporate crap - plays the same 70’s and 80’s butt-rock, glam, etc all the time, but you know who rolls down the windows and sings along when ‘Africa’ comes on?
That’s right.

Getting some concepts done today :slight_smile:

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Friendship by Pascal Letoublon has been accompanying me in my 10 mins afternoon charging time for the past 3 months

I got lost in this on the way to work today.
Very chill.

Good alt country vibes @fraser_frase … kind of like if Lou Reed did an instrumental and had a drum machine, in a good way. :headphones:

Today’s groove, an Acid Jazz classic:

One of my favorite hip hop albums. 36 Seasons by Ghostface Killah.

It’s a good morning for some classics.