What are you designing now?

Without going into too much details, what are you designing right now?

I’m working on a (yet another) printer :smiley:

Today I am working on:

blow molded cosmetics packaging
medical device
ceramic home accessories

what a strange job we all have!

A drug-pumpin’ medical doo-hickey (UI and ID.)

A surgical device. Also an architectural product.

handheld appliance
new business website

corridinating and designing most of a line of summer footwear (fultime job)

a couple of basketball shoes (helping some friends out)

a mid-engined sports car (freelance)


photo frames

bedside table


a circuit board

i landed three freelance jobs. snowboard graphics for three different companies, not very diverse i know. but it pays.

and i’m moving to a new house! not only a pain, but a lot of work!

surgical device (should be coming of the molds as I type)
safety device (just awarded)
medical calibration device (entering refinement/surface modeling phase)
hunting/fishing equipment…3 different ones (various phases)
hand tool line (in test marketing phase)
household chemical packaging (working on sketches right now)

4 new portfolio projects to show current skillset. Can’t use the professional work, all under non-disclosure.

1.Still working on that circuit board, more complicated than i originally thought.

2.Later today I will start on an occasional table collection.

3.This afternoon I will be working on a hangover with a deadline of tomorrow (Saturday) morning.

office panel system.

A portable heart rate monitor.

Line review of Fall05 footwear collections

mines an easy 1. a toaster

a portable biometric storage device

what will it store?