"What are you designing now?" 2008 Edition

… and I’m thinking about (but not yet designing) a theft proof bicycle.

Today it’s fewer doo-hickeys and more howdya-do-that’s. (ie. Systems and User Experience.)

Cool topic…

Inclusive DAB Radio
Non Literal Product
A light

When those hit the shelves, count me in…

a weather forecasting device
a kitchen-centric consumer electronic
a family of pet care products and accessories
an iPhone accessory
a capabilities presentation

-Some big hard stuff that’ll be in most peoples kitchens
-Some small soft stuff that’ll be in some peoples cars (Yo, these reference images look like your old sketches, very recognizable)
-Some cheap plastic stuff that’ll stay hidden most of the time and eventually find it’s way into the garbage can.
-Some hot stuff that’ll be in the ipods and ears of those that know whats up.
-More portfolio stuff since the hot stuff above is classified.
-Catching up on The Wire representing my hometown. 2 1/2 more seasons to go.

Sorry, was kind of a round the bout reference to this:

some good stuff, all around. Cool to read what others are working on.

this is fun…

condiment dispenser- wooo
merchandising/packaging/storage/dispensing solution for food product
brand new category…motorized lawn care thingy
surgical tools
RV hvac system
portfolio stuff because the above will take too damn long to be public

not a god damn thing.

except maybe a clock, thing…kinda…sorta.

Cool topic.

An electric bike
Another alternate to the plastic bag…although this is different enough to be interesting
Boating accessories
Fuel cell related devices

client stuff or pie in the sky?

An automotive accessory
A golfing accessory
A desk top toy
A light therapy product
A safety syringe

… how many of these do I wish I was NOT designing is another question…
but gotta get fed.

A restriced games controller.
A piece of street furnature for the Commenwealth Games in Gasgow

Its nice to be doing some design finaly, my course has been pretty anti-design so far.

3D visualization for an airport bar/restaurant concept

in the pipeline:
22 foot powerboat and 30 foot power catamaran

should be doing:
the cardesignnews contest and way more doodle’ing/drawing


gear guard for a traction winch, not the coolest, but at least today I’ll be making design decisions. Hopefully I won’t be working here much longer! I have a good feeling about last weeks interviews.

  • new range of phones at a high level, diving deep into one
  • concepting for the next generation of devices
  • regional CM strategy for the next few years

…and most importantly:

  • planning my holiday back to NZ!!!

I’m involved with a lot of different projects, not doing the drawing and CAD modeling but “verbally designing” (management).
The ones that I’m particularly excited about are:

some DV cams
a ‘revolutionary’ power tool system
a HUGE flat screen TV
‘specialist’ hi-fi system
some more cool power tools
kitchenwares (Housewares Show this weekend)
a toilet! (K-Bis coming soon)

-restructuring the creative/innovative process within the company in which I work. (Fulltime)

-revising a paperboard presentation. (Fulltime)

-designing cartons for a large beverage company. (Fulltime)

-Assisting a local RC club in traditional print collatoral. (Sparetime)

-Assisting a large toy company develop some packaging solutions. (Freelance)

good stuff.


  • small medical device for the consumer market.
  • an odd inventor project that i cant really describe without giving it away…but i wish i could, its the funniest project description evah. basically a piece of plastic (hopefully recycled content or biopolymer!)
  • consumer electronics…audio stuff
  • business enterprise electronics (freelance)

Paul, you guys gonna be representing at the housewares show?