What are they teaching at SAIC

Just found this portfolio posted on coroflot. I have no idea what they are teaching this student: Yi-Nung Chou, exploration in Taiwan , anywhere, Taiwan

Is this some kind of grad program? The descriptions of the projects tell little about the concepts (just about function.) Is this design or art?

I heard they are staffing up for a very serious design program there. They have secured some pretty big names for a lecture series starting this Spring. Keep an eye out.

That guy’s portfolio is pretty odd, but I wouldn’t write off the school as a whole yet.

maybe they’re trying to create a dna for the school.

I was looking into ID grad programs and found SAIC and Cranbrook to be HIGHLY theory based. And to all of those that think RISD is too theoretical, I still applied there, just to give you a reference point. As someone with an engeneering undergrad degree and a minor in art, i was interested in going to a less tech oriented program, but I still want to get a job at some point! SAIC was just too over the top, art gallery-esque.

I haven’t written off SAIC. Its highly regarded and, well I’m an alumni (fine art.) I’m not sure if design really fits the SAIC philosophy.