What are the Top 3 Issues Industrial Designers Face Today?

I have been out of industrial design scene for a number of years now (working in a few different areas) but am looking to get back into it again.

Since I haven’t been active in the design community, I just wanted to get a feel for what things industrial designers currently have on their mind.

So my question is:
What are the top three issues/concerns/challenges/problems that you face as an industrial designer today?

How to convince people to pay you to do work for them when someone in China will do it for free. ‘Who cares how it looks, it’s free!’

That’s just 1, but I see it a lot.

getting a job, keeping a job, finding another job. job market = bleak.

  1. Being well informed about new technologies that we can use to further develop existing products or create new ones.

  2. But at the same time moving away from an oversaturated market full of products that tend to be trend based.

  3. Changing the world for the better :slight_smile:

  1. working with management and other non-related ID positions to effectively make the company run smoothly. understanding and communication.

  2. learning to manage egos and how to utilize egos successfully (designers themselves and others as well). egos are not a bad thing. we all have them. learn to find a balance and make them work together positively.

  3. understanding that industrial design’s primary motive is to generate money for a client or a company via selling products (via great design). money doesn’t come from great design, it comes from the ability to sell great design.