What are the top 3 cities for ID in the US?

What are the best cities for ID? How would you rank them? New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, or Seattle.

Palo Alto is a city right?
It must have an incredible ID to population ratio…

How about Portland and Boston? Seems like most sport brands have offices there.

I’m not a US citizen so I might be a bit off, but LA has never really struck me as a huge ID-city?

Tough question depending on your field or criteria.

EX: New York is great if you are doing exhibits, packaging, furniture, but probably less so on the product front.

Is Detroit a great “ID” city? Theres probably a ton of designers per square foot, but not necessarily a good id city.

I think everything mentioned so far is probably a fair answer.

NY, San Fran, Portland, Boston, Chicago, Austin, Seatlle all probably fall in the realm. Generally you’ll find at least one major corporation with their ID headquarters in those areas (Dell, Microsoft, etc)

I think that really depends on why type of product design you are most interested in. I would say at least half or more of ID is inhouse and so your office will be where the HQ is. Furniture can be in NY, Michgan & the Northeast. Electronics in Texas and northern Cal. There is ID everywhere.

I would love to see Detroit build itself up as “designer friendly” city. You already have CCS and Cranbrook there, and of course if the auto industry can build itself back up. Detroit has to become more than just a automotive time. And just think of all the artsy lofts they could build in all those empty buildings for the designers. haha