What are the responsibilities of an Indusrial Designer

Hi Guys, I’m just a newbie in Industrial Designs. To make things worst, I’m trying to operate on freelance, since getting a job has been tough. My questions are these:

  1. As an Industrial Designer, are you supposed to design any product a client asked/needs you to design, or are you supposed to specialise in a particular line of products. For example, designing only toys, and not take jobs in furniture designs.

  2. How far are you supposed to go in this? Just design in computer and let the client go produce, or you design, make prototypes and manufacture?

Do you have a degree in ID?

  1. I would think that you would limit yourself to the realm that you feel most comfortable with. I’ve worked with designers who just do medical devices/consumer products/automotive/etc… nothing else because they are intrigued and challenged by just these innovations. On the flip side I’ve worked with designers who like the challenge of learning different niches. It’s all up to the individual. What type of designs get your creativity flowing?

  2. How far do you want to go? We all set our own limits. Do you want to go beyond the design and help in the actual creation? There are many clients out there who need just a designer. There are also many clients out there who need a guiding hand in successfully bringing the concept to reality.

My advice would be for you to decide what you want to do.

Just make sure that whatever you decide, you fulfill your responsibility to your client honestly, e.g. don’t represent yourself as a prototype/manufacturing expert if you don’t have the faintest idea what the options are available for the particular application. You can however say that you will do the research for the client to help make the best decision.

Good luck!