what are the most important skills should an id grad have?

hey there who can help with this query?

For an ID business paper im doing i need to determine wot skills of a graduate student are the most sort after by an employer?

“In the community of design business and practice, what are the core
competencies expected of new graduate industrial designers?”

“Is it important to be able to produce a good prototype model?”

“Are manual (hand) rendering skills important or is the ability to
operate 3D modelling programs more beneficial to a company?”

“At what level would a graduating designer be expected to be able
to research on?”

"“What knowledge skills of industrial design is expexted?, with regard to
the design process from ideation - testing/prototyping etc and
involvment with a manufacturer?”

“What level/ understanding of business skills should a graduating
designer be expected to have and be able to demonstrate?”

Any help would be awesome i welcome all yuor opinions - a quick rating outa 10 would be cool?

Aside from these skills should a graduate designer have good broom sweeping skills? Haha

thanks :smiley:

Communication. Hand done sketching skills are so important. Being able to quickly pump out and document ideas is critical. You do not have to be the best illustrator, clean, organized and easy to read sketches are the key. If a you can do this, you can show your thoughts on paper.



Please don’t do a rating (* out of 10) type of paper- you will not get enough responses to do any type of quantitative results from this board.

Your question is good though.

Design is anything but universal and each place looks for people who fit (or react to) their internal culture.

Could you flip the question upside down to investigate/ find patterns in how different each place is, and how they try to connect and find people that will match?

My 2 cents.

(rant over)

hey seeing that this post is stil gettin views, feel free to add ur coments/opinions - i promise not to ask for a scaled rating outa 10 again, any way anything positive or neagative (with in reason) to say get typing, ta