What are the best countries to make design related business?


I’m looking to find the best countries to make own business company or studio. One of my favorite countries right now is Finland, but i’m searching for the best countries to support a new business related to design. Please help me to find.

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David :smiley:

Two strategies come to mind:

  1. Be close to clients.
  2. Live in a place with a favorable exchange rate and low cost of living.

If you are starting or are looking to hire a lot of other designers, being close to clients matter. Early in a relationship, you might have to take quick unplanned meetings, so proximity matters. If you are looking to hire designers, they are probably already located near potential clients (like NYC, LA, Paris, etc.).

On the other hand, if you want to have a studio of one and have a few clients, living in a low cost place makes sense. You can get a PO Box in another country to make it look like you are local. The digital tools make it easier than ever to communicate. Flying a few times a year to meet in person isn’t a very big expense. Moreover, you can have a lifestyle that you probably could not afford in Finland or Paris. However, you won’t be near museums and other designers.

How about Italia- one of the leading countries in fashion design

David, if you tell us more about the type of design you are doing we can give you more targeted advice.
Scandinavia is a good area for design however relatively isolated and quite populated with designers already.
You will need a good business focus to make it there and you will have to be able to speak to the locals with your work.
Good thing is that most people speak English but they will in the end expect from you also to learn the local language.

Most opportunities right now are in Asia - China for big collaborative projects, and Qatar / UAE if you want freedom, name and fame. If you have a studio you can attract clients like flies, you will be in the national newspaper within a month and on TV the next month once they get to know you.