what are my chances of getting hired?

so what that i am young at heart, full of enthusiasm and drive? how does the industry see me - a guy who’s done with the midlife shit and has found a cool reason to move again… by going to school and studing industrial design. so in 4 years i’ll be 50. any words of wisdom? any one got the skinny on this?
thanks, ger

there are a few other threads on this same topic, and they offer lots of encouragement
the competitive nature of this biz means if your portfolio rocks, so will the job offfers. That’s the good news, because at this point you’ll likely work hard and party little.
Your also realistic enough to understand that your ‘life experience’ counts for nothing, you start at the bottom. In school: integrating into current youth culture (and to what extent) will facilitate your education, much if not most of what you learn will be from the other students. In the job hunt: (now to your question) finding situations where someone half your age feels comfortable giving you orders will be the challenge. As much as 2D/3D skills get pushed here for getting that 1st job, personality ‘fit’ is what gets you out of the internship into long term career positions.
It’s not going to be harder for you than any other kid fresh out of school.

i would not say life experience counts for nothing, unless, of course, you do not have any.

…your chances are five time better through people you know than going it alone…network, network, network.

thanks for the feedback. that idea of “starting over” can be daunting when i have first hand experience of the ease with which youthfull enthusiasm can be preffered over age.
I have a friend who is 14 years younger than me, runs a successfull toy company and is also encouraging me - has no illusions about skill / productivity / personality fit - age is secondary. He’s exceptional and i hope there are more people like him in the industry… maybe he isn’t… to me he’s just a talented friend…

Well, as another 50+ year old, I respectfully suggest that “they” will see you as a 50+ year old …

Age, and treachery, overcomes youth, and skill … but not nowadays.