what are havaniana sandals made out of?

in function to my great search of elastomers…i need to know what these sandals are made of. they aren’t your typical cheap foam sandals. They are much more flexible and rubbery-like. anyone got any info???

Polyurethane, Rubber and PVC

They are your typical rubbery foam sandal just branded better.

Here’s the link to their super-heavy, super-ugly site: http://www.havaianas.com.br/eng/1024/home.html

They have a part with the history of the sandals so you might want to take a look at that, that is, if you are patient enough for everything to load…

mmm…not sure about that.

I think the havianas outsole is perhaps a blown rubber compound, not PU foam (PU foam is self skinning and would wear out differently/faster).

The toe strap I dont think is PVC, but rather likely rubber, or perhaps a TPR (thermoplastic rubber).


there should be a a comma between polyurethane and rubber in my post…which i just edited.

um, no. I think R is right on this one, the straps are rubber and the sole doesn’t wear like normal cheapo sandals. I have a pair that I’ve worn every summer for 5 years now and they are barely showing signs of wear… best flip-flops I’ve ever had.

Everything’s rubber. It was a “material accident” - can’t find any information on what exactly goes on with their rubber, but that’s it. Rubber that doesn’t make your feet smell, sweat, doesn’t wear off easily, straps that don’t break…