What architectural style is my house?

My wife and I just recently bought this beauty. It was built in the late 1930s and has quite a bit of character. What I can’t seem to figure out is what architectural style it is. It seems to have a bit of a craftsman style to it with the built-ins (which I think used to have doors) arch doorways and the big baseboard moldings and windows. But it also has original metal cabinets in the kitchen. Any of you guys out there have architecture history knowledge?

The shape is basically English Cottage, or sometimes called Tudor. (Not true English Tudor, of course.) Looks like the siding got swapped out at some point possibly, or maybe I’m just used to seeing them in brick.

Great guide to Denver house architectural styles below:

Thanks Scott. Yes the siding is new, replaced in the past 2 years. Though it did have wood siding at one point.


Not helpful, but nice Shaker-esque Ikea chairs. I got the midcentury-ish gray-brown stain!

I’d be glad to find something lile that!
English cottage seems basically correct but would call for different details. Thought about redoing the entrance? This door doesn’t do it justice.


Interesting…I never thought of an english cottage, but you are right, it is missing a few details like the stone, would and stucco work.

You can’t see the front door in those pictures. It is original so I would feel bad getting rid of it. We have talked about doing something with the foyer. The previous owners put down this awful linoleum tile that I believe is glued on top of the original hardwood.


Slightly puzzled. What door do we see,then?
Would this have been a porch at one time?

The original door is a keeper, of course.


The door you see in the front view of the house is a glass storm door. Attached is a pic of the front door. It is a bit boring but is original.

I don’t think the foyer was a porch because we have a house next door built around the same time and is the exact same layout. Also we have a front porch to the left of the front door. I think it is a true foyer. l

Love the dog. And the house.

You’ll also want to have your gutters a bit further from your foundation. Water sucks.

I agree, definitely Americanized Cottage with bits of simplified Tudor (no arches, stone, stucco) and a touch of Craftsman, probably because Craftsman was so prominent then and a lot of builders and home packages added bits of the latest excitement, no matter the style.

Those cabinets look like late 50’s, early 60’s - I’d think ones from the 30’s would have been wood.

Architecture is so cool.

Thanks. Yeah she is a great dog

We actually addressed that a couple weeks ago. We ripped up an old driveway that was not draining properly and ran all the gutters into underground drains. Check out the pics. This was just me and a buddy of mine. Was quite the experience.

They are steel which would put then in the 40’s or post WWII. We think the house was built in 38 or 39 so you may be right. We plan to redo the kitchen at some point and want to preserve a few of them. Thought about stripping the many years of paint of and clear coating the steel.

I’m with Scott, it’s definitely Tudor style (even without the exposed half-timber decoration). Asymmetric plan with over-lapping, high pitch roof line, and dormers.

Wonder what the original siding material was?