What an IDer an do in IRAN?

What an IDer an do in IRAN?
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However, the answer to the question is “RUN!”

Try redesigning the Paykan.

Help design Iran’s nuclear pursuit.

Help design defense against U.S. imperialism.

Or help to design a civilized country that doesn’t use radical fundamentalism to cut off people’s heads, blow themselves up killing civilians, or discriminate against women in the name of religion.

Several possible clients: Saudis, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, Somalia, Bosnia, and Lebanon for starters.

Or help to design a civilized country that doesn’t use radical capitalism to slaughter innocents in the name of “our way of life”.

This is pretty sad to me. Someone posts on here about design hoping to talk design and this is what happens? Like he could help where he was born. What is wrong with people that all they can do is be like this? To attack someone they don’t even know. And what is really sad is I bet this is a working designer and not some kid home on break. No wonder the profession gets no respect.

I’m not sure if there’s a demand for industrial design in Iran. I grew up in Uzbekistan, my family had to leave the country in mid 90s…haven’t been there for almost a decade, but I have a very good idea about the way of life in Middle Eastern countries. It’s all right in the big cities, I guess…I’m positive you can’t actually study ID and then later find a job in the field, as the field doesn’t exist…All I can say that person got some passion for design! He’s probably self-taught…until the economy gets better over there, there’s no chance for ID.

and what’s the situation over there with Internet…I wonder how much he has to pay for it, to read these incredibly witty comments. Eh…Westerners, taking too much for granted.