What am I worth in Toronto?

I figured this would be covered somewhere on here, but after searching, no luck. I am a Columbus Ohio based retail designer with 4 years of professional experience.

I have an interview with a retail design company in Toronto that is about half the size of my company (people-wise) and they do about a 6th of the amount of annual billings…not sure if any of that matters…

I’m not asking for a number…that is far too nebulous… but is their an approximate percentage of increase I could expect?

I don’t want to go into the interview and sound arrogant, or perhaps worse, under-value myself and shoot myself in the foot.

Any thoughts?


i’d like to help, but not sure i can.

i not that familiar with the industry, dont know the new company, your work, or your current company/salary. never been to Columbus either.

without any of this info, im really just talking outta my a$$, but if that’s what you are looking for…

In general, i’d expect the salary to be perhaps the same. my thinking is-

  1. CDN is just about on par with the USD (=)
  2. Toronto im sure is a more expensive place to live than OH (+)
  3. Im pretty sure there are more design firms, designers and compeition here (-)
  4. firm size/billing i dont think is as relevant to much…

also to note, you should take into account other things like health care costs, taxes, living expenses, etc.

bottom line, i always answer when people ask these questions is-

“you are worth as much as someone is willing to pay you and you are willing to accept”.

I do live here in Toronto, though, so could perhaps answer any less-nebulous questions you may have.