What am I not doing right?


It may be your projects that you’re presenting. I looked through your posts and found your carbonmade (btw it’s helpful to post your portfolio in these kind of posts). To me, you come off more as a craftsman/artist rather than a designer. Many of your projects fall in this category (the bird house, your tables (both), bracelet thing, etc). What exactly are you trying to sell yourself as? What firms/companies do you want to work for? Are you going for full time jobs, or have you tried interning? It may help to just get your foot in the door.

Can you post up your “all new web portfolio”?

Just keep on trying and don’t get too discouraged. I just started a new contract position today which is my first full-time position in 15 months. I did countless updates on my portfolio and resume and put my work out there for people to critque and offer advice. You just have to keep trying and eventually something will come along. I wish you the best of luck! It’s a tough time for all of us.

Why was the original post removed?

looks like the poster edited it himself.

You’re doing it wrong!

does this mean you found a job?

It may mean that he wasn’t ready for criticism and backed out???

Sine Metu

so… GMan, are you a Jameson Irish Whiskey kinda guy, or just fearless? :wink:


Both, the whiskey contributes to the latter.

Uh, and paintball.

Molon Labe!!!

you found a job??