What am I doing as a graphic designer....

so here i am a graphic designer, 5 yrs work experience, damn good at what i do…but I am currently at a fork in my life road.

I was recruited over a year ago to come and start up a marketing department for a company…I have done that…basically with implementing some branding throughout our nine branches, the website, direct mail pieces, newsletter, etc…not the most romantic of subject either mind you-material handling-

Now I am ready for more-but now I am called Marketing Coordinator. And I almost feel like I have lost some of my ‘designer-ness’ to the world of reports and charts…i feel like my designer skills are getting weaker as my abilities have not been used to their fullest.

My ultimate goal is to work for myself-I hate having a boss. I love to work hard, but not for someone else to take credit. I feel that for me to move on to a new environment as a designer, I almost need to go back to school-become more specialized…right now i just do a little of everything.
As a ‘marketing’ type…well, i hate creating reports and crap like that-if I never see another database it will be too soon…and what we work off of is UNIX based! Most companies that want marketing experience use things like Goldmine or even Access…I am in the midst of the world of the Apple II e…black and green information i can do nothing with but rig a report for my salesmen…ugh.

And the $$$-I know for a fact i cannot go into a designer position where i am (geographically) and make the $$ i make. I’ve even been an “art director” but hell, those are all just titles…they don’t mean crap. I still did all the design work as Art Director.

Perhaps this is just a vent…but if anyone can relate to has a similar story…and figured it all out. I’d love to hear it. Or any advice…at this point anything would help…

Just curious, How much are u making? My guess its about 55K?

You’re right, you do need to go back to school, your own school, where you work and create what you want to. Designers don’t stop at titles, it doesn’t sound like you’re doing much “recreational design” outside the work place. That might be a good time to start. Keep the job, but be the designer you want to be outside of that. Those who are most passionate about design don’t just do it 9-5, they do it 24/7. Pick up some freelance, enter some contests, learn some new programs, work on those projects you might have had floating around in the back of your mind for a while. I don’t have as much experience as you do, but it seems that your job focus has changed, but your want to design hasn’t. So to me it looks like you have 2 choices; find a new job, or, start designing outside of “work”.