what after deadline ?

i am an international student. i was wondering , if it makes any sense to apply to Univs , whose deadline is 15th jan. i can fill their application online and pay the money , but my supplemental materials will take a little longer to reach , like abt 6 days.
does neone out there think thas theres ne wisdom in this , and that the schools mite relax a bit , coz on their website it sez , that the applications will be considered on a space available basis after deadline. i m wondering if i shud call the concerned ppl in the department, n then the thot of giving a first poor impression holds me back ! besides , what if i fill the application , pay the money , n then the Univ refuses to accept my material. in that case i lose the money along with face.

Don’t bother to apply after the deadline. Wait until next semester or next year. You have missed your opportunity.

depends on the school, give it a shot if your good they can always make room for one more.

Schools are money hungry. I think it will be easier for them to pick students who will pay upfront than those who get it through financial aid. Just send it, you got nothing to lose.

thnks so much ppl. i ws quiet bogged down by the first reply. i wrote to some schools and they seem open to the idea as long as i can send my stuff within a week and pay the application fee.
i think ill do that!