What Adhesive is this? Help?

Hello All,

I’m trying to match an adhesive that I found on on
one of my sports equipment.

It is some sort of rubber cement/high melt glue.

It was used to hold conventional foam on to polethylene.

It is flexible, yet it holds its shape. It has a solid feel to it
like silicon.

And it is very very tacky. It was hard to peel it off the polyethylene
and I had to rip it from the foam.

I was able to stick on to my wood desk and it held on just as well as
it did on the polyethylene.

Any ideas on waht adhesive this is and
where I can get some more of this stuff?


Permanent adhesives are usually based on rubber, acrylic or silicone. Try putting the two substrates into the selection calculators over at 3M or Loctite and see what you get.


it’s Unobtainium

We used to use a special adhesive to hold PC to EPS inside helmets - it had to be room temp curing and application otherwise it would melt the foam. We applied it with caulking guns, basically…wish I could remember the name of it - it was super durable - but like purple said searching the web for adhesives or getting a specialist on the phone would be a good start.

Try this:


Thanks everyone.

I’ll try the 3M site.

try ‘hellatight’ or ‘hellatite’
ask some california surfers
say ‘is this hellatite or what ? where can i get some’