What Action Figure would you like

I have my Jesus Action Figure, and the Budda

what i really want is a osama action figure

What would get if you could have anything as an action figure ?

Muhammad al-Muntazar, he’s going to be back to restore peace and justice on earth any day now…Oh! and an Aeon Flux, a truly well articulated one!

The Governator.

Karim and Starck lol.

The Pope
John Luvitz

The Pope
John Luvitz

arnold horseshack
darth nader

Dear Mr Cotte:

I would like to have these two young men to be replicated as action figures:
Epstein and Boom Boom Wahington


Epstein’s Mother

What those two goofs get an action figure an I don’t get none. Up ya nose wit a rubber hose!

Babarino, get in my office now!!!

The Principal (can’t remember his name)


milk and cheese


emanuel lewis

ron jeremy


planet of the apes ( any of them )

Helena Bonham Carter - anatomically correct “Fight Club” version

“I haven’t been f*cked like that since I was in grade school!”

It would be Osama Bin Laden so that I can cut off his balls, boil’em and make him eat’em. Then uncork his turban and lynch him with it. How is that.


An’ as soon as we find him in Iraq that’s what I’m gonna to do!

He-Man, they were well made literally.

One of the women in Picasso’s Les Damoiselles d’Avignon. Then I’d start collecting the others.

A Lil Jon doll that screams Whhhhhat??!?!?, and YeaHHHHH!!! when I direct questions to him.

And then walks over to, then gets inside my trash can two years after it’s manufacture when it won’t be funny anymore.

That would be nice, or one that you could just program with the current slogan. And it would just walk around all day saying “keep it real…keep it real…keep it real…nahm sayin…nahm sayin…nahm sayin…” Wasn’t there some candy bar commercial that had one, “want more crunch” (nestle crunch I think), then you could buy the toy and smash it.

for my buck i would pay to have a Sal Bass action figure

maybe even a f’d up Tibor action fig as well

peace out :neutral_face:

Um, Who are they? I don’t get it.