I d like to have informations about DESIGN in CA, school, if there are a lot of work, what kind of design?design product, fashion, graphic, I m studying design here in PARIS, and wanted choose fashion design, but I find my school very fashion, I d prefer do more in casual clothings, my dream would be to go in CA , all info are welcome, thanks,.

or do you know what kind of job , CA offered, I mean, a job I could easily find,

a description of me.

Hi, My name is Pascal (I’m a man) and I currenlty lives in Paris, France., I’ m 23 years old and I’d like to go to CA for august TOO, I love just go for a walk in the street or in the forest, or sea, even if it rain, I just love that. . I’m gratuated with my french baccalaureate (high school diploma equivalent) and I’m studdying Design and would like to be exposed to an English environment to improve my english (which is not very good) I don’t have a driving licence,.I think I am a quick learner and I love sports (I go to the gym, martial arts, swimming, basket ball, running, soccer…) I am knowledgeble in healthy nutrition ( I can help with training at Gym…).I’m a calm person, I love thinking, I’m always laughing but I can be serious when it’s necessary, learn differents things, meet new people, I’m honest( Honesty is a main rule for me) I’m really spontaneous,I’m always smiling because even when we have problems there is always somewhere in the world with bigger problems, I’m outspoken, patient, responsable, easy-going. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and don’t do drugs. I love pets. (I have dogs and cats back at home) CONTACT ME, it will be a pleasure to exchange emails. Thank you for reading.all serious propositions are welcome.

I really need help, because school start soon and I can t waste money.
Hope have answer from professional designer too.
thanks.to answer at my mail.