what a find!

Just found this crazy old (rolls, i think) parked on the street outside a fancy car dealership (aston martin, jag, etc.) here in toronto. i have no idea what it is, but held up traffic trying to get a pic from my iphone…

now THAT’s a car!

anyone else have pics of cool stuff spotted on the street?



what you found there is not a Roller but a very american “car”. (or rolling stop sign, that is)

Auburn Speedster”. Alas not an original from the 30ies, but a reproduction that is done in California on a corvette chassis.

The Original :


quite a hack job.

but coming out rather nicely.

It´s an iconic design by legendary Car Designer Gordon Buehrig and was used in many films, calendars etc. as a prop.

nice find and as always - inspiring.

All the best

yours mo-i

After editing this post one more time I wonder, how deeplinked photographs disappear out of here…? Are they edited out, or a feeder problem ?

just wondering, how can you tell it’s not an original?


Tons of replica BTSs out there; this one sports headrests and side marker lights.

ah… good eye!


“White” sidewall aside, the proportions of the tire/wheel combination isn’t quite right either; too modern (low profile) if you will.

From the Auburn Museum; Auburn, Indiana

Another indication it’s not original is that it is parked on a street in Toronto. I’ve only seen these at museums.

well we do have some pretty crazy rich people here…especially with the Toronto Film Fest in town…