What a coincidence?

:slight_smile: i dont know who came up with the design first,but the outsole on both shoes are identical. What a coincidence :laughing:

Haha…you will find in the shoe industry there are MANY “coincidences”. :confused:

this just shows that execution and quality is everything…besides the name of the shoe of course. Nike’s version is so much clener and refined…

agreed… the filas look a bit flat…

It’s the pattern and the contrast stitching that is setting off that Lebron…oh, and the material contrast.

Toe bumper is a teeny weeny bit different too.

yeah this sort of thing does seem to happen alot! Usually it’s a little more of a basic look that it happens to though, not an entire mold.

However, I have to disagree that the Nike is ‘that much better.’ Without both shoes and judging based on the images it’s hard to appreciate both last shapes fully, and really without much of a pattern being worked, the shape becomes like 80% of the look. I find the Nike to be was too AF1 looking in and around the toe box and proportions, which is just lame to me. Who does that look? Everybody! Bapes, Creative rec, VisVim, Reebok, Converse, Supra to name a few… So I can appreciate the feathering that Fila is trying. I think it is a little to heay on the treatment or it may be a bad angle.

I’m not really a fan of either of the sidewall designs, I do like that Nike at least put a parting line into it and popped some color, but I don’t think that either company took full advantage of the opportunity to totally blow you away with the sidewall.

It’s like, here’s a shoe with absolutely nothing on the upper… and then a lame sidewall. I would bet both of them stole the look from a skate/urban/hiphop look trying to attact some that market, hence the lack of sophistication in the upper pattern. Usually this look is cleaner, but come on blank panels? Both of them look like they’re two steps away from being K-Swiss shoes…

I wonder, what the comments would be If you reverse the logos on the shoes… Put the Fila Logo on the NIKE shoe and viceversa… I think people in general tend to be vias the SWOOSH and its misterious power!

To fila’s credit I love he play they did on the logo where the IL becomes and F to make the word FILA… I think that was very clever of the desgner who did it.

in terms of graphic elements, that is clever, but to me it’s clear the nike shoe appears to be better thought out, stronger looking, cleaner… though they are very similar…

this is a good “seeing” excersize i think… take two products that are very similar (remove the branding even) and take a look at the subtle differences.

I agree jGray “this is a good “seeing” excersize”

Although these shoes seem similar at first glance they are as different as night and day imho.

The Nike is strong almost utilitarian in it’s appearance promoting strength and versatility. The construction is spot on as to be expected and the very intelligent usage of trim and logo placement is perfect. I look at this shoe and would make a confident purchase.

The Fila as well a nice shoe is somewhat envious, I would say for certain that the Fila was developed after the Nike, OK maybe not certain but it seems like it to me.

At first glance I would say that it’s a Bball shoe but at a closer look I would say it’s a “sporty casual” joint meant to hook to the baller inspired guy that is actually a spectator. The overkill placement of the singular Fila logo “although clever in it’s execution” is so random that it looks like a “knock off of itself” The Fila would not be a confident purchase for me because I wouldn’t feel comfortable balling in it and it’s too sporty to take my girl out on the town.

To me the Fila is how I generically view the current Bball industry where the shoes seem to think of the casual user first and then engineer function for real Bball players after the fact when it should be the other way around.

Let the casual user buy a specific built shoe that would get absolutely trashed during every day use promoting more purchases :slight_smile: Hey when in high school I wore Nike nylon sprinter spikes “without the spike” as my sneakers and LOVED it even when I would damn near dislocate my knees when I slid on the tiled floors :frowning:

My point is that designers need to take a clear stance then innovate withing the genre they choose. As it appears the Nike has done.

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