Whaddya think?

I finally got a couple of projects into the portfolio and had to do some massive updating to the resume. More projects will be coming but was hoping for some feedback on whats up.

What shows on your page is only the top of your actual project posting–that’s a shame, because the work that’s further down is much nicer and more exciting, and no one can see it at a glance. They look like samples of ad layouts unless you click to get the whole thing, which you don’t know is there.

I disagree with that. You are trying to show a process, which leads a person to understand the project, instead of just some senseless image board. I think it’s successful. You are able to show the full process from ideation to mockup and researches to models.

I feel the entire image is successful also. Only it’s a shame that only the top of the image appears on the overall webpage.

i think the scheme realy explains the whole process involved in bulding the product, though i dont know what can be said about the product itself.

Ok-- yes you are very talented. I like to see the process too. It appears that you have a very high attention for detail.

Now what I don’t see is fun. All I see is business. What were you thinking about with the forms? In my eyes, 80% is business and 20% should be personality. What makes you stand out from others is your personal touch- what makes you tick.

Just a thought… from someone who is certainly not as accurate of a illustrator as you :slight_smile:

I agree, as a narrative of your design process it works rally well. However, not having an attention grabbing thumbnail can be sorted.

Click on the edit page link, below the button to delete the main image are two further options to amend the thumbnail. The first is auto select the second is to select your own.