We've got company

Hey guys,

I recently started at a new agency, called Tether: tetherinc.com

So I’ll likely be lurking and posting to this forum more often!

I’m currently working on a 20oz PET form. Constraints are tough, client is tough. I’m finding that getting buy off on an idea is hard to do without a prototype, and proto turn around is a day on the Objet. Are there any other rapid viz strategies you have for these kinds of objects?

How about the ol’ yellow foam and some primer? Honestly though getting a 3D prototype in a day sounds pretty quick to me, that with a slick render and i’m not sure you can do much better.

That’s a pretty tight turn around. Most of the time, we give our guys at least a week to put together a lucite. Granted, they do need to spray our lucites and give time for them to air out. Product Ventures claimed they could turn foams around for us in a couple hours. So like Ludwig suggested, is foam an option for you?

Foam is a good idea, especially for concept generation. We tend to get stuck behind the screen a bit too much! Maybe with a dedicated foam lathe…?

I was also thinking of thin walled acrylic 3" tubing and a heat gun, which would be better for initial 3D sketching and making groovy forms!

We do have to fill our prints w liquid so foams cant do that, but have an Objet printer in house, so we can iterate rather quickly, ergo the 24h turn around.

At my work we often mill out cavities of each half of the part in “engineering plastic” on our Haas mill and then pour in a 2 part polymer resin and leave it over night to dry. We then glue the two halves together to make the object. Quicker than ordering a 3d print.

I worked with Stan on a project a few years ago, I’ll never forget that hairdo! Say hi to Lefki, she is a hottie! :wink:

Ha ha, agreed on both points.