westinghouse, tesla and katz....what do they have in common

easy search, not a fun corralation about inovation, invention or entrenpenurship.

cryptic like much to be you are?

A mental challange, simple google search will show the connections.

I’m familiar the connection, I read up on Tesla after I saw “The Prestige”… but your post was humorously enigmatic.

Did you read about teslas deal with westinghouse and ultimatly what happend to westinghouse. PK story, sadly was the same but with additional pathos.

is this a treasure hunt or something?

knowlage allways is, if you didnt know the coralation as people (in theory) involved in inovation you have not had a fair education.

They were pioneers. Tesla was a brilliant scientist, Westinghouse more of a businessman and Kant a philosopher, more or less. Where are you going with this ?

Semi right, Tesla, brilliant as he was died broke, Westinghouse after getting a licence from Tesla for poly phase power (ac) died broke after a stock market bubble caused him to lose control of his company. What did buy Westinghouse more time was when Tesla by Westinghouses request tore up his very luctrive royality contract with Wesinghouse. Philp Katz, inventor of the first compression alogrithm in wide use (pkzip) died broke in a cheap hotel having drunk himself to death.

I typed all 3 words into google at once and this is what I came up with. A little wierd but sort of interesting and somewhat related to design Frankenstein, Faust, and Pygmalion

its katz, not kants I spelled the last name wrong by accident…

Broccoli, Masking tape, Yak.

Boy for a bunch of “creative” people you certainly dont exibit it outside of pixy dust land. The lessons here kiddies are as follows.
1 Disruptive technologies generaly leave the pioneers in the ditch.
2 Creative, smart, innovative and entrenpenural are over rated as the long term success rate is dismal.
3 Industry does not WANT innovation, they want nice profitable little tiny baby steps, thnk bigger tailfins and you got it.
4 History may show you were right, so what it dont pay the bills.
5 Big wins over smart 90% of the time.
6 Never underestimate the power of money, with out it all of this suff is just pixie dust dreams (see #3).
7 If your down, expect to get kicked, its just human nature.

hard truths, but history is full of them

how’s left field treating you?

Huh Mike?

Left Field- Informal A position far from the center or mainstream, as of opinion or reason: opinions that are out in left field.

And how is a intrest in the history of innovation left field? ID is supposed to be “innovative” or used to be, guess now its just pretty forms and cute colors.

There is a great interest in innovation, but attempting to construct an quiz about 19th century inventors who all die broke and miserable chasing dreams that end up changing the world after they die comes off as pedantic and professorially…not to mention a downer. Not that I’m not the fist one to jump on the didactic band wagon.

Why not just break down what you know about it and see if that sparks discussion? Ask people about what they think about it? I’m sure that will start more discussion about the subject, and less about the approach.

not to mention that trying to tie 3 guys together just because they all died broke, is like relating Picasso, and Gallileo because they both have double letters in their name. finding an underlying theme to unreleated innovators is bordering on conspiracy theory territory.

So I should have put down, hey kiddies your odds of becoming rich and changing the world from your inevntion/product/idea is lower then winning the state lotto. Ok, I understand the market here.