Western Washington University?

Hey, I’m new around here. Been reading discussions and articles for a while though. My question is: does anyone know anything about Western Washington University? I’m considering applying there, but I’ve already chosen the wrong school once before and don’t want to do it again.

I live nearby and I hear it’s a really nice place. I’ve gone out-of-state and far away before, but it was such a pain. I wouldn’t be wholly opposed to it, but I’d rather not.

Whatchall know bout Western?

we have a relationship with them, having regular interns and several full timers as a result.
it’s a small, but close-knit department that produces good work. thier senior capstone project is always a group assignment.

Its part of the engineering school. The grads tend to be a bit more ‘techy’ vs aesthetically driven. Emphasis on technical skills too - CAD, sketching, modelmaking, using rapid prototype and CNC machines.

Thanks for your responses.

In order to obtain permission to declare a major in industrial design, I have to submit an entrance portfolio along with my admissions application. Guidelines say: maximum of 12 pieces, including sketching, 2d design, 3d design, and computer-based design. I have some rough ideas, none of which I’m sure apply to industrial design, but the problem is that I have no idea what I’m up against. What kinds of portfolios do people applying to undergrad industrial design schools have, and what can I do to make mine stand out? I want them to remember me and want me - I really want to get into this school.

And in terms of it being an engineering school: I kind of like this setup better than others I’ve looked at (where all the classes are either art or engineering). I feel like this sort of half-and-half would give me a more balanced frame of mind, and help me branch out more. Apparently students submit samples of their engineering work in their portfolio, but I have absolutely no idea what that would entail. What kind of work would be engineering work, and should I even worry about it?

I want to show them that I’m driven and really want this, and am willing to work for it. I was thinking of applying to some jobs related to the field that might give me some experience or at least teach me some things I could use. Problem: I have no idea where to look. Internships, apprenticeships, jobs… anything cool I could look around for that might not be that well-known?