western washington or ASU?

i’m considering going to either of these schools for my bachelors. anyone have reasons why I should choose one over the other? thanks.

why those 2 schools?

Sell, i’m pretty set on going to a school on the west coast. I suck and was recently rejected by Art Center so my list is narrowed down to the following:

  • ASU
  • BYU
  • Academy of Art
  • Western Washington
  • San Jose
  • San Francisco

I really like BYU but I just can’t stand the religious aspect of it. Even though I grew up in Utah and love it I don’t think I could go back to a school where Mormonism or any religion is forced upon the students.

San Jose and San Francisco just do not appeal to me.

I was thinking of Academy of Art but I’ve only heard negative things about the place and I’m not too inspired about the place.

So that leaves ASU and Western Washington. I’m torn between the two because I know that ASU is a good school but the desert isn’t exactly my type of atmosphere. I’m a ski bum. Although living in Washington would be awesome I’m a little hesitant about going to a school where the design program seems incredibly small. Any advice would be very helpful.

ASU - rocks from what I hear, well rounded, good process
BYU - I don’t know about that, from what I’ve seen it’s so and so
AAU - to some respect you will learn what you would have at AC (sketching) getting better because of Matano (good man)
Western Washington - didn’t see anything good come out of there in a while
SJSU - they push process
SFSU - you’ll get done early

Hard to tell you what ID is about. I was an innocent bystander like you, like many others, and ID ain’t what you think it is and I am still not sure I know.

Tip: Look at faculty, see what they’ve done and visit if you can. If you’re highly creative, you’ll always have it, in that case look for school that will teach you to think. PROCESS!

If you don’t know what that is ask around. Best of luck!

^ By the way this is just my opinion. Ask around, someone will tell you something different. Again, good luck man!

So you are a ski bum looking for a good ID school in the west. Why ASU if you are a ski bum? Isn’t Western Washington about an hour away from Mt. Baker? I go to Academy of Art and I also went to SJSU for 2 years. I’m also ski fanatic who logs over 60 days a year in Tahoe. SJSU is worth the money but the program is not doing very well anymore. Academy of Art is a great school that’s is getting better every semester. I’d say it’s the best in the west after AC (especially for skills training; sketching, computers, modelmaking). The facilities are new and huge. S.F. is also a beautiful and fun place to live - but expensive. Lots of ID firms and schools in the area. I considered going to all the schools you are looking into. I chose Academy of Art and am very happy here.

thanks for all the advice guys (or girls). you don’t realize how much such advice helps a prospective student.

i am a ski bum but after 2 years of logging more than 130 days a year i figure that it couldn’t hurt to sacrifice some skiing for a better education. after all, i can always ski but can’t always replace my schooling. ASU seems like a living hell for skiing but there is ONE mountain that actually gets some snow. nothing like tahoe though.

so…after talking to my design teachers i’ve decided to reapply for AC for next fall. i think taking a few more classes along with a portfolio class should help me out.

In terms of education, I really don’t think you can go wrong with Art Center. Hey, there’s a few small ski areas nearby L.A. and Mammoths about 4-5 hours away. Good Luck!

just curious, id skier, how come you chose Academy over ASU?

My family is in Sacramento (1.5 hours from SF), we have a cabin in Alpine Meadows, and I had close friends in SF.

ALSO, I feel that ID is better learned at a private design school like AC or AAU. I originally went to SJSU because of its cost and “university atmosphere” but wasn’t happy there. Universities require you to take lots of GE classes, and in SJSU’s case, it had a crappy facility and little money(more important than you might think). I decided that I wanted to transfer AC, AAU or CCA. I got accepted to all 3 but AC didn’t accept ANY transfer units and cost almost twice as much as AAU, and CCA costs just as much as AC but wasn’t as impressive as AC or AAU.

If you want to build your portfolio to get accepted to AC, may I suggest taking AC’s saturday night classes OR going to SJSU for a semester or two (the first two semesters at SJSU are great, just make sure you have prof. John McClusky) Remember, AC is looking for an ID portfolio, not just an art or design portfolio.

Good Luck, again.