West Coast ID design schools, and europe

Hey I’m new to core77, but here’s my question: I am a 20yr-old sophomore in graphic design at the U here in Utah and I want to pursue product/industrial design (no programs in Utah). I like snow, mountains and the west coast, though I’m originally from Maine. So I must go elsewhere.

I can’t seem to find much info on western ID schools, the two that seem to come up(outside of California) are Western Washington and Emily Carr in British Columbia. Anyone graduate/have opinions on these two schools?

I am also considering Europe, but I am having a really hard time finding good information on undergrad programs in English, (again, product/ ID) any suggestions? Does it make sense to try and go to Europe for an undergrad, or maybe just for grad school?
(I’ve read through the forums a lot but have not found much actual information)

I have a pretty strong portfolio, though our foundation year program, and my own independent projects….

Any thoughts would be appreciated!
Thanks, KT

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you’ve pretty much got the picture already, there’s simply a lot less ID than Graphics programs to choose from and EU is really tough. Both you listed are well respected, (I work with WW people)
U of Wash is re-starting thier program - still small though.

I’d suggest you not let access to snow dictate what school you choose…

mtnsaremyhome: you said you live in Utah? As far as I know there’s an ID program offered in Provo at Brigham Young. It looks like a very decent program… I’ve seen some students’ work from BYU on coroflot that impressed me.


Their tuition looks extremely affordable too… especially if you belong to the Church of Latter-Day Saints.

I go to BYU. If you can stomach defecting to a hated rival, it has a great ID program and tuition is still pretty cheap even if you’re not a member of the church. This year a kid from China won the IDSA national student award (2 students get this every year). We don’t make a huge name for ourselves because of our small size (only 15 students per year are accepted), but it’s a sweet program and tons of fun. Let me know if you have any questions…

I didn’t know BYU had a program, but I am deffinetly not LDS so that would be a problem. But thanks for the info, anyone know about the Cal State Long beach ID program?

PostPosted: Sat Nov 29, 2008 11:45 pm Post subject:
I didn’t know BYU had a program, but I am deffinetly not LDS so that would be a problem. But thanks for the info, anyone know about the Cal State Long beach ID program?

Nah dude… you DONT have to be LDS to go there… In fact the tuition for those who aren’t members of the church pay only slightly more… I believe it’s about $4000/semester for 12+ credit hrs. That’s far less than what I pay – er I mean have to borrow.

Give it a chance… I mean if you’re already in the same state/area, why not? At least go there, take a tour, talk with some professors, maybe a student or two… and check out the projects displayed if any… When I settled on my current school, I looked into about 10 or so colleges before I made up my mind – some I visited, some I ordered brochures/catalogs, but ALL of them I emailed students & alumni (and even some profs) whom I found on Coroflot and asked about the program. Behold, the school I finally picked was already in the same state… couldn’t be happier!