West Coast Headhunter?

I am a freelance designer in LA looking for a full time position… I am having a tough time finding some positions on my own so can anyone recommend a headhunter for footwear on the west coast? I am currently working for skate shoe companies and would love to stay in that genre but I really need some more experience so anything would help! Thanks!


Any portfolio recommendations would be great too!

Hi, check this site…


lots of action sports based jobs here…

for headhunters you can check out


good luck!

Hello everyone-

Does anyone have any insight or contacts for ID headhunters?

I’ve revived this thread because i was unable to start a new topic.

thanks in advance.

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There are some ID recruiters out there. A lot of them operate very under the radar, referral only. One of the more public ones is:

They also do career coaching.

Also, been at it for awhile: