west coast design venues

I’m a New York designer (furniture/product) making a trip to the west coast later this summer in seach of design retail stores/showrooms. Anyone out there have any suggestions for venues not to be missed. Green design or otherwise. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


What part are you comming to? You will get a very different flavor from Seattle, SanFrancisco, LA and San Diego! (Other cities not mentioned are due to my lack of experiencing them, not disregard :wink:)

I don’t know of any cool one store spots like you can find in NY, but there’s a Design Within Reach in the Fasion Island mall in Newport Beach. Sorry for the lack of ideas, I’m trapped behind the 37th paralell, south of the orange curtain, and don’t see much beyond the safe mass consumables here.

Just wanted to give you some kind of response and not leave a brotha’ hangin’