West Coast Design Mentality

I’m just curious on what everyone’s thoughts are or what they’ve heard about west coast design and how it might differ from that of east coast or mid-west design. If anyone could give me any feedback, it’d be much appreciated.

I love how the first thing you see when you open the iPod box is: “Designed in California by Apple.”

It’s definitely an attitude.

what the media tries to make me think

west = more fun (aesthetics wise)

east = more technical

generalizations are rarely correct, but you asked what some ppl thought so my unbiased mind replied.

Switch: You bring up an interesting point, but a strange one. Microsoft, Apple, 3com…alot of computer/software makers are on the west coast. Those are certainly more technical professions. I can’t think of a really fun east coast firm…but I’m sure given some time I could think of one.

I’d say open the Apple IPod box and say “Japan”.
The colors on the iPod minis look very Asian 2 Me.

I think it’s about culture. East coast and West
coast have greater minority populations. Especially,
both coasts have larger gay communities. There is
a known connection to creativity and gay-ness. (Florida)

Where I live now is part of the Midwest/South bible belt.

Maybe there should be a cross inside every boxes of products I design?


ha ha, I like that one!!

Maybe I’ll start leaving a stalk of wheat in the box!

He’s referring, of course, to Richard Florida’s book “The Rise of the Creative Class”. http://www.creativeclass.org/