Were You Placed On The Wait List?

I was, and now I’m eagerly waiting for a reply from the school (UC). UC is my first choice, out of six, and the only school I got placed on a wait list for.

If you were placed on a wait list, did you get in after their second evaluation? I’d be interested to hear from others.

i was recently placed on a wait list for Pratt Institute and am waiting to hear back from them some time in May.
but i was also wait listed at Rutgers University (Mason Gross school of the arts) and was admitted a few weeks ago. so i was admitted after their second evaluation of my portfolio.
I understand what you are going through- good luck.

SAMink, congrats for making the waitlist. My daughter was outright rejected and then called by the dean of her second choice major and asked if she really wanted her second choice,which actually was the better choice overall. She was accepted thereafter. I will cross my fingers for you.

SAMink, the best thing i can tell you to do is to call the head of the School of Design which is Dale Murray, you can probably just search the website for his officer number but he would be the guy to talk to.

it’s really a shame you were wait listed, i’m currently at UC and i looked through your website and you have some some awesome work. This is a situation in which i wished saying sending in a portfolio would help you get ahead but i haven’t heard of it helping wait listed kids very much here.

good luck though, just really start chatting up all the heads of the school, thats how my friend got transferred in even after we hit the limit

I got accepted into Pratt, so I guess if I’m accepted into UC there’ll be a spot open @ Pratt :slight_smile:

Thanks, I appreciate your input in this forum.

Thanks for the praise and the info. That gives me some hope. I did send an email to the dean politely asking if additional material was necessary, just so I can show my concern and commitment I have made towards getting accepted into UC. Hopefully it will help my name stick out a little.

My daughter sent in her portfolio,which I really think got her a call from the dean of the program that she was interested in as a second choice. Although UC states that they don’t require a portfolio in admission, sending in a good one can’t hurt you.

by the way, I was very impressed by your site and by your portfolio pieces. I too wished that UC would use portfolios in admission.

Thanks, I didn’t want to send a portfolio, since that didn’t ask for one, but who knows if the portfolio helped your daughter or not. I don’t want it to seems like I didn’t follow their “rules”. In my mind there’s a thin line between annoying and confident. I don’t know how the decision committee would see it as. But since your daughter did get accepted, I guess I could send one in, but then again, it might depends on who’s evaluating my profile. I really don’t know.

I just got an update from the asst. dean. She wrote “We do not review portfolios or consider letters of recommendation” So i’m not going to send anything to them. She did tell me that I am 1 of 4 students on the wait list as of now. That seems like a small number, is it? So I guess if 4 students that were accepted decide to go to a different school, I’m in? Is that how it works?

Anyone know the tuition deadline for UC?

Wait, wait, wait… shoots himself The wait is killing me, it’s all I can think about.