We're seeking your non-produced concepts!

MG, your tatoos and black shirt give you away my friend!

for everyone else, he isn’t kidding. this is an amazing opportunity to get free prototypes out of a proto=rp development house.

rock on!

Wow is there an expiration date to this offer?
I don’t have anything now but could do some cool stuff in the future.

ok, you up for a biggie from the flounder?

hey fellow Austinite,

email sent with photos.
I’ll be back in ATX on Sunday if you try to call my mobile #.

take care,

how much is postage, i would love some cool funiture prototypes for my final year project.

No expiration date.

We are a prototype house that makes prototypes for a lot of different companies. We are bound by non-disclosure for most of the projects that we work on and so cannot showcase our capabilites. We are developing a new webpage and thought it would be a neat idea to showcase cool concepts. We need some initial projects to get going, but then will add more concept prototypes as we find more that we’d like to make and show.

Feel free to send your ideas in!

It’s difficult to say until we see how big/heavy the prototype is…

Amazing I will be sending an email with renders of a concept I just finished for an eco-friendly office trash can, what exact information do you need to make this happen?



Can you make something from sketches or copy an old model or does it have to be detailed 3D CAD?

Itll be 3 3 x 5 foot sections of 1/4 inch board.

its something slot together :stuck_out_tongue:

hey there

What size of products are you looking for? I have some pen designs that I would love you to take a look at, but I’m unsure on what you are looking for size wise.




please let me know if this is what you maybe looking for?

I have other products aswel which maybe of interest that aren’t featured on my portfolio page.



Hi RPMAUSTIN, i sent you you a pm.

We would love to post up all the concepts you received, you pick the top 5’s and we we upload it to ratemyideas.com and let people pick the most deserving ones!

Let me know



sorry for asking this question again, but just want to make sure…
the “free of charge” offer has no expiration date??
grad year, love to send something in, but won’t know when…