Well, what do you think?

Here’s my coroflot portfolio:


There is one more space, so I probably will put up one more.

I have a question. Does the years of experience mean professional experience, or school years inclusive? If it doesn’t include school then I will be at zero.

Do you think it’s too crowded? I find most of the others’ simple but I feel that I should at least include the process, thus cramping in more things.

Feedbacks please?
Thank you!

Ying-Hao - I think it is a good Coroflot portfolio. Your sketches are gorgeous - they feel like they weigh something. While you don’t have alot of sketches, you do show some development, and that’s good.

If you are adding one more image, try to find a project that either shows your research skills or demonstrates your ability to design the mechanics or a concept.

You should perhaps think more about your resume though, the information contained and the order. One thing I am wondering looking at this is, can I hire you in the US without having any immigration probs? Do you even want to stay in the states, or are you looking for a company that wants you in Taiwan but it multi-national? The order you have the information is perhaps poor too. If I’m an employer I think I would want to know your software skills before your experience as a secretary. lastly, half of the resume space is just your name, email and address. Compress that down and expand on your skills.

Ok I know what you mean. I am applying for internship and I current go to school in US, so that won’t be a problem, as long as the process passes through my school.

I will alter my resume through. Thanx!

Do you think it’s all that necessary to include details like my address, number, tel. no. and such?

Experience should be your work experience.

“United States of Taiwan”?

Phone number-- yes. Address-- no.

Yes, you might want to simplify your layouts. Or at least get the many components to work together better.

Agreed with FueledByCoffee…address is not necessary.

Ok, that was really embarrassing… I should get some sleep. Thanx!

Take a look around at Junior ID students from across the states…you have nothing to be embaressed about.