Welcome to the Design & Innovation Board!

Welcome to the fresh-from-the-factory (mmmm, take a whiff, love that new board smell) discussion board on Design and Innovation. I hope we can build this into a fun, informative, and provocative discussion area. Our brief charter is “design, business and innovation. The best blogs, the hottest memes, the the most vexing challenges.”

I’ll try to get some “starter questions” going in the next little while just to give folks a chance to weigh in.

Since we’re a brand new board, maybe we want to do intros so people know who’s reading, even if you aren’t posting. It’s always nice to have a sense of the community, or the emerging community, anyway.

Let’s go, everyone!


Wow, hotness!

…And it was only yesterday that I claimed that “design won and innovation is the new frontier”

Wheee! It’s a new playground, Steve :slight_smile:

Note: Due to the low posts in this area, we have merged it with Design Research for the sake of simplifying a bit. Thanks everyone!